Things you didn’t know about VISA

15 things you didn't know about Visa card

Today we’ll be taking a deeper look at Visa. One of the largest card paying organizations worldwide. Visa Inc is a multinational financial services corporation based in the United States. Its headquarters is found in Foster City California and that they facilitate the transfer of electronic funds throughout the world, with their debit and credit cards. The idea behind the visa dates back to the Year 1958 after the Bank of America launched the credit card program. That was initially referred to as BankAmericard.

The card was a brainchild of the think-tank. Which was primarily comprised of the bank’s in-house customer service research group, headed by Joseph Williams at the time. The card rapidly grew in popularity and to add to its success, Bank of America began signing licensing agreements with various banking groups from outside of California. This marked the beginning of a revolution within the banking industry as the fund’s transfer method became more popular nationally and later globally. However, it had been only in 1976 that the term visa was coined because it replaced BankAmericard on their cards. Today the brand is one of the leading organizations when it involves the transfer of funds between banks and merchants.

It might be difficult to seek out one consumer anywhere within the globe that doesn’t a minimum of recognizing the visa brand. Most people know Visa because of the emblem that’s emblazoned across most financial plastic cards. The more savvy people know that Visa represents the payment network, used to transfer funds to the merchant bank from the issuing financial institution every time a purchase is made. Either way, Visa is known by all as being dominant in their field. So let’s take a closer look at this incredibly successful company with these 15 things you didn’t know about Visa.

Here are the Top 15 Things you didn’t know about Visa

Visa is not the largest card paying organization

Contrary to popular belief, the visa is not the biggest card payment organization in the world. With both credit and debit cards combined visa currently lies at number two after was surpassed by Chinese brand Union pay in 2015. When it had been announced that Union pay issues a better number of cards and facilitates a better annual value of payment transactions. However, it’s important to note that visa is still the most dominant worldwide. Since Union pays size is primarily based on the size of its domestic market, over 50% of the global market share. China belongs to Visa.

Visa used an unprecedented advertising method called ‘The Drop’

After it’s launched in 1958. Visa which was at the time known as BankAmericard, literally forced itself on the general public through what is today referred to as the drop. Basically, Bank of America decided to do a mass mailing of over 60,000 unsolicited credit cards, with the aim of reaching the public. The cards were actually functional with a limit of $300, and not mere applications. Although the mail was unsolicited the strategy figured out, since it eventually led to the brand’s growth. Today the drop is taken into account the world’s first successful mass mailing of unsolicited credit cards.

Poland has the highest Visa swipe fees

For every transaction in Poland, the interchange fee goes up to 1.6% of the final price, and this is inclusive of the VAT. This led to discussions about the legality of such exorbitant rates. also because of the need for the state to intervene. so as to avoid the high cost of business alternative means of payment were introduced. That didn’t necessarily require the intervention of middlemen, like MasterCard or Visa.

Card certification value

There is a three-digit code present at the rear of each visa card. Most people tend to ignore this code but it’s by far the most important part of that card. The code is generated with the aim of authenticating any transaction administered by the utilization of the cardboard. Without it, no transaction might be administered by means of either credit or debit. and therefore the CVV number is exclusive to every and each card.

They facilitate 100 billion transactions per year

As of 2015 visa net which is visas global network was ranked together of the foremost valuable networks within the world. Research conducted under the Nielsen report details a high grossing business network with over 100 billion transactions per annum. All of which totaled a whopping $6.8 trillion. Moreover, visa as a brand has been ranked as one of the highest earners in the global financial industry with over $13 billion in revenue in 2015. And a net of 6.3 billion within the same year.

Their data centers can handle 100 billion computations per second

With operations across all continents. It’s vital that the visa has a stable system to manage all of those transactions. This is why the organization has not one but two mega operation centers there’s the operation center East located in Virginia and therefore the operation center central which is predicated in Colorado. Both data centers are heavily secured against all kinds of threats, including crime, terrorism, and natural disasters. They can handle up to 56,000 simultaneously occurring transactions and over 100 billion computations per second. Additionally, each of those transactions is checked for 500 variables. 100 of which are aimed at fraud detection.

Visa does not issue cards, Set interest rates, or make loans

There is a well-liked misconception that visa loans money to customers. On the contrary, Visa is simply the proverbial middleman.

Visa is the middleman

They don’t issue cards set, cardholder fees, or interest rates or make loans. Its unique business model is set up in such a way that visa enables money to move from the bank issuing customers with the funds, to the point-of-sale at the merchant’s end. Visa doesn’t at any point whatsoever provide either party with money. It generates revenue from service revenues, which are charged as a percentage of the entire amount transacted. For Visa the higher the payment volume the higher the revenue.

Visa is not highly ranked on America’s best employers list

According to Forbes visa is ranked number 320 on America’s best employers list. This is relatively low for a company with an estimated sales of close to $16 billion. A company of its magnitude is expected to employ more than just its current 11300 American employees.

Visa spent over $7 billion in share Buybacks

The market capitalization of most big companies on the stock exchange does not come close to $7 billion. However, visa spent as much on share buybacks in 2016 alone. This is $2 billion higher than the free cash flow. This makes visa preferred when it involves buybacks with specific regards to free income spent on buybacks also because of the total outflow.

Visa stocks are at a record high

With business currently at an all-time high visa has managed to exceed Wall Street’s expectations for the company’s quarterly profit expectation. Consequently, the organization’s shares which are a part of the parcel of the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen by a massive 2%. In turn, this leaves the stock at a record high of $110.16 per share.

Visa is big on sports sponsorships

A number of individuals do not realize that visa Inc is big on sports sponsorships. Since 1980 it’s regularly sponsored the Olympic Games. intrinsically visa is that the only payment option accepted in most Olympic venues. it’s also been a longtime sponsor of the National League since 1995 and therefore the International Paralympic Committee since 2002. Visa also sponsored the 2007 World Cup held in South Africa.

Visa’s introducing payment wearables at the Olympic Winter Games

Since it is a major player in sports events, Visa has gone a notch higher and announced it’ll be providing payment wearables for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. Team visa athletes and fans will enjoy the convenience of visa payment-enabled stickers, commemorative Olympic pins, and gloves. This is the first time such payment will be used at an Olympics event.

The Blue and Yellow associated with visa are symbolic

Visa’s original logo was fairly simple with a blue stripe at the top and a yellow stripe on the bottom. But these colors were specifically chosen for a reason. The blue represents the sky and therefore the yellow represents the golden hills of California where the corporate was founded.

Colors of visa logo

Visa helped Odell Beckham jr. set a world record

Being an NFL sponsor since 1995, visa decided to use NFL analogies to point out to consumers that visa checkout was as direct, friction-free, and fast because of the perfect one-handed catch. Therefore the corporate enlisted NY giant wide receiver Odell Beckham jr. to catch footballs being thrown by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees on live TV. On January 29, 2015, before the Superbowl commenced Odell caught 33 one-handed passes in a minute shattering the Guinness world record.

The United States is Visa’s biggest market

Despite covering over 150 countries worldwide as the greatest market share originates from the U.S. 55% of its total revenue comes from American clients alone.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the visa brand do you think it’s the most convenient payment option available today? The record for the largest collection of functional credit cards was set by Walter Cavanaugh of California. Who has collected 1497 individual cards? Referred to as Mr. plastic fantastic the individual’s cards are worth $1.7 million in credit.

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